Encouraging healthy eating habits for Family Fun Friday

Encouraging healthy eating habits

Every few months I resolve to get my picky eating kids to eat healthier food.  This spring, I am back at it again.  I finally have my own eating habits settling into a healthy pattern.  Now it is time to focus on kid the kids to eat healthier. With that in mind, my Family Fun […]

Intentional Family Fun


Welcome to Family Fun Friday!  This week’s features all revolve around the theme of intentional.  Whether it is intentional parenting, homeschooling preschoolers, being intentional in our close relationships or choosing a gluten free diet our round ups cover it all. Ironically, the Family Fun Link up had to make some last minute un-intentional adjustments.  Happy […]

Viva Pizza Night with Publix’s Viva Italia Days Sale


I usually make my kids dinner and then make myself my “healthy” dinner.  As an adult, I have different macronutrient needs than the children so I don’t limit their carbohydrates like I do my own. I am not on a “diet” per se.  I don’t follow the paleo diet, south beach, atkins, weight watchers etc. […]

The pressure we put on ourselves

self judgement and moms

I often read about mothers judging other mothers.  We all do it.  I am not a particularly judgey mcjudgerson type of person but I’ve caught myself giving side eye to another mother based on something I see at that moment. It’s later that I remind myself that I don’t know the context or what led […]

5 Things First Time Soccer Moms should bring to the field

5 things new soccer

Soccer clinics start this weekend.   I am excited that my son will be back to playing a sport he loves, but I dread adding one more thing to our schedule again.  I have a love/hate relationship with soccer season.  It seems like the days get busier and we are always at the soccer fields but […]

My first Vlog and my face turned green :)


Happy Valentine’s Day friends!  I am really excited about a new venture I am undertaking in my quest for healthier living.  I was introduced to the Arbonne products in December and am so in love with the company that I decided to start selling them to fund my addiction let the world know how great […]

Raising Well Rounded Kids

raising well rounded kids

Welcome back to Family Fun Friday!  My fellow co-hosts and I each feature our six favorites each week.  This week I took a step back from crafting because after making 37 DIY bouncy balls I am all crafted out for a bit. I’ve been reflecting on the life lessons that crafting, along with other activities, […]

20 Fun and Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts and Activities for Kids!

20 fun Valentine's Day Crafts

I’ve turned my kids into craft snobs!  Last night we ran into a friend at Target.  She was buying Valentine’s Day Cards for her children’s classes and Pea was so confused.  She turned around and said “you buy Valentine’s Day cards?  Isn’t better to make them.  They are way better when you make them.”  What […]

Wordless Wednesday: Some Insta Inspiration


There is nothing like instagram to find amazingly inspiring photos.  I made a few this week and I don’t know if they inspired anyone else but they did motivate me!  I lost two pounds this week.  Up until now I have gained steadily gained weight since I started weight training.  My clothes fit better and I […]

Paleo Friendly peanut butter cookies


When it comes to my weight loss goals, I can easily say that it isn’t finding the motivation to work out that derails my efforts.  I love working out.  But…I also love sweets.  Staying away from yummy baked goods is easily the hardest thing I face when it comes to my fitness goals. The most effective way […]

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