Stock up on Black Friday after the all nighters have gone to bed!

Black Friday shopping

Black Friday is infamous for shoppers running on caffeine and greed. I have no idea how people can stuff themselves on Thanksgiving and then go shopping all night…after waking up early to cook. I woke up at an ungodly hour one year to stand in line at Game Stop for two hours, to be told […]

Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Hostess Gift: DIY Burlap Canvas Wall Art

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Each year for Thanksgiving my large extended family converges on my uncle and aunt’s house.  There are close to a hundred of us present so it is no small feat hosting each year.  I think we have about four turkeys.  When it isn’t too cold, we sit outside for dinner.  (This is Florida, after all, […]

Friday fitness update and a killer core workout

Friday Fitness Update and Core Workout

This weeks workouts didn’t go quite as planned. When you’re a mother you have to be ready for changes in schedule and routine. Princess Pea was sick on Tuesday which meant I had to skip the gym.  Although my kids normally play in the gym’s kid club with the other “regulars,” the doctor wasn’t sure if […]

The Holiday Blues: Family Fun Friday features and linky!

Family Fun Friday The Holiday Blues

Ahh the darkside of the holiday season.  Sometimes I try so hard to make Christmas “the best ever” for everyone I love that it becomes stressful and overwhelming for me.  Before the official (even though the retail industry is doing their hardest to start early) start of the Christmas season, I decided to remind myself […]

Dear Mom who has recently miscarried

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I know you have found my blog even though you never comment. I see it in my Google search referrals every day: “miscarriage quotes.”  Well I am writing to you today because there are a few things I want you to know. It’s been thirteen months since my miscarriage and it still hurts. But it […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Toy Deals week of November 18


Ready to buy some toys? Read on to find some of the hottest toy deals on Amazon right now!  These prices won’t last forever and are  subject to change by Amazon with no notice so get them soon. This post contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. They allow you to support this blog at […]

DIY Window Clings: Thanksgiving

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The bad thing about having so much fun making Halloween window clings like the bats and the jack o’lantern, is that once we took them down my kids began to complain that the windows were too boring. Our next door neighbor’s Thanksgiving decorations went up and we’ve got nothing over here. (I really need to […]

Ages 6 – 7 English practice: proper nouns and editing with free printable worksheet

First Grade Thanksgiving Proper noun and capitalization

When I volunteered in Pork Chop’s class last week, I happened to walk in during a teacher led discussion on proper nouns.  It was obviously not the first time the teacher had explained what a proper noun was to the class–and they just weren’t getting it.  Pork Chop’s teacher is the kind of teacher that […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2014: What Do You Get a Music Loving Grandpa?

I am amazed at how early I started my Christmas shopping this year! I am obviously not a super organized be done with Christmas shopping by Thanksgiving type of girl. This year I am making more of an effort to put more thought into the gifts I purchase. But my family is notoriously difficult to […]

Friday Fitness update 1: Easy Garlic Shrimp with Roasted Veggies Meal Idea


I’m pretty lucky to have a BFF that not only works out with me but is teaching me the correct form. She used to be a competitive Olympic weight lifter. Since she has known me for fifteen years, she also doesn’t put up with my crap.  We used to put on our Adidas gear and […]