Saving money for Family Fun

Money Saving family fun

My husband and I wholeheartedly believe on spending our money on experiences rather than material items.  The vacations and adventures that we enjoy as a family are worth far more to us than a fancy car or fancy house.  This week I chose my features based on our beliefs that money is best spent on […]

Understanding Emotions with Disney’s Inside Out with free Critical Reading printable 


I want to reiterate how sweet it is that my children are no longer toddlers/preschoolers.  Going out and about with them is so much easier now and they can even almost sit through a whole dentist appointment waiting for me.  They have far more control over their emotions than they used to.  Sure they still get cranky […]

Hands on Crafty fun

Crafty family fun

This week was all about learning and crafting on Family Fun Friday!  Part of the fun of crafting is being able to get your hands dirty and play with your creativity!  My features this week were all cool crafts that both kids and moms can enjoy! I loved the crafts linked up my Life Over […]

Fourth of July Family Fun

4th of July Fun

This week I picked a few 4th of July family crafts and fun for the whole family.  Can you believe that Independence Day is only a little over a week away?  If the summer boredom and crankiness has started to set in, try some holiday themed crafts and DIY decorations.  It will excite the kids […]

15 Beautiful Summer Wreaths


The bright sun of summer makes colors pop! From the strawberries and peppers in the garden to the shimmering waves in the pool as the kids play, the shining sun makes everything vibrant.  This summer, jazz up your front door with one of these creative sun-sational summer wreaths! 15 Beautiful Summer Wreaths 1. Beach-Themed Summer […]