Easy Popsicle Recipe: Emergency Electrolyte Replacement pops

Easy Electrolyte Replacement popsicle

This popsicle recipe is a bit different from my other recipes.  I did not come up with this recipe because we wanted a new tasty treat.  This was born of necessity using ingredients I had on hand. This posts contains affiliate links for your shopping convenience. A horrible stomach virus is making it’s rounds.  Unlike […]

Easy Easter DIY Window Clings


It’s been a few months since we did our last window cling project.  The holiday season and successive Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas themed window clings, resulted in window cling burnout for my kids. We recently enjoyed a week long Spring Break Stay-cation.  We had one day inside the house because of poor weather but have […]

Outdoor Family Fun

Outdoor Family Fun

Last week was our Spring break and we spent most of the week outdoors enjoying the warm spring weather.  We definitely are an outside family.  Whether it is swimming, gardening, or just playing in the front yard, we do our best to get some good old Vitamin Sunshine every day in the warmer weather. Spring […]

Wordless Wednesday


I spend a lot of time behind the camera.  I use my camera bag as an outdoor adventure bag and lug it around with me.  My children are used to smiling at me as they play at the park or wander through the zoo.  I do try to remember to take quick selfies on my phone.  I […]

How a Skeptic does DIY Dishwasher Detergent


The dishwasher is such a blessing to terrible housewives.  It cuts down time spent standing at the sink.  But…dishwasher detergent is another one of those products that are expensive when you calculate how often you purchase it! I am a skeptic when it comes to most DIY cleaning recipes.  Those I share on this blog are […]

Some egg-stra special Easter crafts

Easter Crafts

Spring crafts are back in full force this year! You can’t miss all the pastels and Easter decorations floating around the internet.  We had quite a bit of fun crafting for Easter last year and have a few more crafts to share with you in the coming week.  I love that I can look back […]

10 books for your little gardener

gardening kids books

My six year old loves to plant seeds.  At first I figured she would get impatient waiting for the plants to grow.  She’s impatient about everything!  However, she surprised me when it came to gardening.  She guards the pots that she has seeds planted in and always remembers to water them.  Her happiness when they […]

Sometimes motivation comes from unlikely places

My Mini Motivater

Last week I only made it to the gym once.  Pea’s juvenile arthritis flared and we had a few days of being up all night and missing school. This weekend was busy with soccer and my fabulously talented niece’s surprise 18th party.  We had a blast.  Big families are awesome! The kids are also out […]

10 Fun Easter Wreaths

10+ DIY Easter Wreaths

Easter is a time for having fun and celebrating spring. Last year we began one of my favorite traditions by creating an Easter wreath to hang on our front door for the upcoming season.  It was a simple wreath because it was our first wreath ever.  We are a little behind this year on the […]

Spring in the garden

Spring in the garden

While much of the country is still chilly, spring has come to the South.  The yellow haze in the air and the pollen covered vehicles is testament to spring’s arrival.  Two hours after I scooped leaves out of the pool, I came back home to find that the neighbor’s trees released their masses of helicopter […]

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